Email Address

One unexpected aspect of wedding planning that people don’t think of is the amount of emails that you get. We all do this even outside of wedding planning, we go to a website a box pops up and says ‘Save 10% by giving your email below’ and we give our email. Most times you don’t even buy anything from the site, but the ‘what if’ factor is always there and saving 10% here and there especially at wedding time, can really add up and save.

One big way to combat this is by creating a new email account for just your wedding alone. Don’t think of this as your new married email, this is purely so you don’t get spammed from every bridal company around to your personal email. This email should be ‘’ ‘’. Because once you really start the planning process you will get so much bridal and wedding stuff thrown your way, your head will spin. This is especially helpful if you go to bridal conventions and shows, a lot of these places will give out your email address to third parties, and before you know it you’ll get over 100 emails a day just for wedding stuff.

This will allow you to keep your personal email for your daily important emails so that you don’t miss a credit card bill or an email from your favorite aunt. Because trust me once you sign up once for a bridal email they won’t stop sending you stuff once your wedding is over. And this will allow you to not have to spend half your day unsubscribing from every email you get, just to clear room in your email.


Honeymoons are an essential part of the planning process of weddings. People use them to unwind after the stress of planning the event or as a chance of a lifetime to go to a bucket list destination. Each one is personal to the couple and should not be something that is over looked.

Traveling as newlyweds could be the start of a lifetime of adventure together not just the start of the marriage. Traveling can be a stressful experience for some so following these Do’s and Don’t’s allow you to focus on what matters…or doesn’t.

Do’s & Don’t’s:

  • Do plan this adventure together. One person monopolizing this trip is not how a marriage should start out.
  • Don’t expect not to be tired…you just planned one of the most stressful experiences. Don’t expect to have all the energy to run around.
  • Do plan off days on your honeymoon if you plan on traveling around the destination, having down time is the reason behind a honeymoon after all
  • Don’t use you married name on travel documents if you have not legally changed it yet. Make sure all travel documents state what is on your government ids.
  • Do something you haven’t done before…a honeymoon is great place to start checking off some of your marriage bucket list items.
  • Don’t buy family souvenirs… it’s great thought but no one really wants a dancing coconut, focus on yourselves.
  • Do plan it months after the wedding. There is no hard and fast rule saying you have to leave the day after your wedding, take time to enjoy the aftermath and if your destination isn’t in season with your wedding doesn’t mean you have to skip it.
  • Don’t go bankrupt… make sure you plan your honeymoon along with your wedding and add it into the budget so there are no surprise costs.
  • Do involve family and friends, nothing like a trip to solidify a new family.
  • Don’t involve family and friends…this is the time to get away from everyone and enjoy the newlywed lift
  • Do relax and enjoy it, after all it is still a vacation!