Phone Etiquette

One of my biggest ‘Pet Peeves’ at any event is how people do not put their phones down and enjoy the moment. This is happening across the board everything from wedding to concerts, people don’t know how to live in the moment without capturing it on their phones.

With the advancement of technology there needs to be a universal rule to phone etiquette at events, and it needs to be the same one as being in a theater. Silence the phone and put it away till the show is over.

This rule only applies to the part of the event where you (the guest) are sitting still, in silence, facing the same direction. There is nothing worse than looking at professional photos or videos after an event and seeing half the guests faces blocked because their phones are where the faces should be… or worse an IPAD! If the hosts of the event wanted your photographic skills they would have asked for them before hand.

Receptions are fair game, this is where you should take photos, be loud, have fun and show it all off on social media and where that carefully crafted hashtag comes into play. But not a moment sooner!

One other aspect of the phone etiquette that I wish I didn’t have to state but see far too often is: stay seated at events especially weddings and baptisms. There have been far too many times that I see people get out of their seats and stand in the altar or aisle to get the ‘best photo’. And this happens throughout the entire event! not just the beginning or end, but in the middle of the bridesmaids walking down. People are oblivious that they are literately standing in the way of the event and usually the people who the hosts paid thousands of dollars to take photos.

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