To my fellow maids…

Being a bridesmaid is an exciting time for not only the maids but for the bride.  It allows us all together and celebrate this occasion as friends.  There are a few tips and tricks that I’ve recently learned from being in my first wedding, that would benefit others.

Just spend the money. If you agreed to being in the wedding, no matter how many times you try to keep within budget something will happen and you’ll need to shell out a little more.  Being a maid will cost you upwards of $2,000, and when I say $2,000 I truly mean $2,000. Everything from the dress and alterations, to shoes, accessories and parties will start to add up very quickly.

You can say no.  Weddings cost a lot of time and money, so if your friend is approaching engagementville and you can’t afford the ticket, just say no. Be honest with your friend, tell them that you crunched the numbers and as much as you’d love to be in it, it just isn’t financially feasible. If your friend doesn’t understand that, then maybe they aren’t friends with you.

One way I wished we did for the dress was try to find one in a department store instead of a bridal shop.  The dress that we got was great, but the way they build the dresses are built leave little to be desired for, and the cost can be sliced in half just by doing the department store route.

Find a tailor in your area, don’t depend on the tailor at the bridal store.  Even though they do this for a living and normally have contracts with different bridal stores, they can cost double what a local tailor will charge.  Get recommendations from friends and family in the area, to ensure you get the best price and work available.

Don’t let the bride convince you to get colored shoes.  One trend I wish would be obliviated, it cost extra money and 9 times out of 10 the shoe color will run and be uncomfortable to wear. By shoes at a local store, or just all wear black.  Black goes with all color schemes, and you are likely to wear them again.


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