Invitations are one of the most crucial elements to planning an event. They will set the theme, give guests all the vital information, and ensure that you have everything organized.

One aspect of my blog is to give people the truth of events, the good and bad and everything in between. I want people to know that mistakes are to be made and no one, including myself is perfect.

One error I made with invites happened a few years ago for my best friends Bridal Shower. I along with the five bridesmaids sat around the maid of honors kitchen table and worked on the invites on the computer. We had all the information outline from the Date to the location and all her registry information…or so we thought. What we realized once we got the invites sent to us was that we (I) forgot to make sure the time of the event was written down. I was so embarrassed and frustrated at myself, but there was nothing we could do, so we had to come up with a solution. That solution was to make labels with the time on them, and fix them to the envelope. Hindsight we should have put them on the back of the invite, but in the end everything worked out great, people showed up on time and had a blast.

Another aspect of those invites that I tell is that when you mail out invites, stagger sending them out and bring them to different locations. If you drop all invites in one mailbox, that means only one post office location gets them, when they are mailed out they are sent through a machine and sometimes invites get stuck together going through the mail machine and that is how items get lost in the mail. I tell people that once they have all the invites done, start dropping them off at different locations, work, parents house they will allow less items to go through the runner and helps prevent loss of invite.

There are a lot of other aspects to the invitations process, and I plan to outline them in other posts, but for now this post will be used as a cautionary tale of some of the oops of event planning.

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